365 Stream #3

It’s time for another 365 post!

Is anyone else feeling slightly concerned that Christmas is just a month away?! 2013 seems to be slipping through our fingers rather rapidly – the Market Square ice rink is up, coffee shops are advertising their winter flavourings (gingerbread latte anyone?), and more importantly it’s almost time for Grace Church carols!


The office has been busy with carols planning for weeks, and in just 11 days time the Ministry will be buzzing with the Christmassy excitement of the first carol service. In case you’ve missed the details, there will be three (!) carol services this year to accommodate the growing numbers we’ve seen over the past years. That means there’s going to be loads of room for you and your friends.

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365 Stream #02

Welcome to the second post in our 365 stream! If right now you’re thinking, ‘what on earth is 365?’ then before doing anything else, watch the short video below:

Monday night was our second 365 night, and it was an amazing evening of praying together, praying creatively, worshipping, and thinking about how the resurrection changes everything. Loads of different things were prayed for in various ways, including the Grace Church Carol services, the six campuses linked with Nottingham’s universities, our networks of friends, and for the resurrection of Jesus to break into people’s lives.

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Interview with Terry: God’s Sovereignty & Prayer

Last week in our interview with Terry Virgo we heard about how we can develop a prayer life that carries power, but have you ever wondered to yourself why we pray if we believe God is sovereign over it all anyway? This week Terry shares some thoughts on how we reconcile prayer and the sovereignty together. Make sure you pop back next week to hear Terry talk about encountering God in worship.

Worship Weekly #33

We’re back. Last week I was a little pre-occupied as I was actually at the Worship Central Conference. I had a blast! One of the worship leaders from Worship Central, Luke Hellebronth, was releasing his album that weekend and I’ve been listening to it all week. With some very cool sounds and catchy riffs it’s been in my head an awful lot. One of my favourites is ‘Love Like This’, describing the greatness of God’s love. It’s fun and it’s full of energy. The verses in particular might get you doing some sort of jig… So be careful watching this in public.

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Interview with Terry: Prayer Life

We were fortunate enough to have Terry Virgo, the founder of Newfrontiers, with us last year to celebrate our 10th anniversary as Grace Church Nottingham. Whilst Terry was with us we got a bit of time with him to chat about two of the most foundational aspects of the Christian faith: prayer and worship. Over the next three weeks we will be sharing parts of the interview, starting today with how to develop a powerful and effective prayer life. Check back here next week for part 2.